Buy Shoes, Save Jobs

When we started making Moxie Shoes we already know our "Niche" we targeted clients who's  willing to pay for comfort & high quality. It is not expensive it is the value for your money.

We only use the highest quality napa, calf & kid leather. For exotic we use Cow hair, Sea Snake & Ostrich Leg only for details.

All Moxie Shoes are Engineered & are carefully developed. We don't mass produce shoes or use cheap labors. Since our brand was launched in 2016 we've already sold around few thousands of shoes globally.

We are constantly in demand so expect to be either on waitlist or wishlist. We also accept Pre-Orders for Sold out item & New collections, Made to Order & Bespoke.

We want to get you involve in our developments and so we are inviting you to email your comments & suggestions.
Please direct at

Thank you so much for your support since
Day 1.