The Founder

  • Menno van der Tol , 51 years old Dutch Shoe Designer/Product Developer is also the brain behind the success of Moxie Amsterdam Shoes .He made the basic and timeless collection for the brand and from time to time he still finds time to advise on how to go on with the collections and style. Rocky Gathercole Collaborated with Menno van der Tol featuring the winners of The Philippines TOP MODEL. Menno did a collaboration in May 2017 for the Canton Fair . 
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  • Menno helped Moxie Amsterdam Launched last October 2016 in Asia . 
  • In less than a year Menno already made Moxie as a recognized brand in Asia and internationally . Menno is not only a designer but also a very good businessman . His over two decades experience and expertise helps Moxie make a name in a very crowded shoe industry . His collection get huge appreciation from everyone, including international celebrities, beauty queens, artist and even designers .He once said that he can dream of shoes and wake up thinking about shoes. His dedication and passion will surely make him huge in the shoe industry .
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